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Dart implementation of Sacco, our cryptographic library that allows easy creation, signing and sending of Cosmos Network transactions
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Pub Travis (.org)

Sacco.dart is a pure Dart package that allows you to easily perform some operations related to the ecosystem. This includes:

  1. Creating an HD Wallet.
  2. Creating a transaction.
  3. Signing a transaction.
  4. Broadcasting a transaction.

Being it in pure Dart means that you can use it inside your Dart Web projects as well as Flutter ones.

You can find the latest release of sacco.dart on pub.


Creating a wallet

final derivationPath = "m/44'/118'/0'/0/0";
final networkInfo = NetworkInfo(id: "", bech32Hrp: "cosmos", lcdUrl: "");

final mnemonicString = "final random flame cinnamon grunt hazard easily mutual resist pond solution define knife female tongue crime atom jaguar alert library best forum lesson rigid";
final mnemonic = mnemonicString.split(" ");
final wallet = Wallet.derive(mnemonic, derivationPath, networkInfo);

Creating a transaction

final message = StdMsg(
  type: "cosmos-sdk/MsgSend",
  value: {
    "from_address": "cosmos1huydeevpz37sd9snkgul6070mstupukw00xkw9",
    "to_address": "cosmos12lla7fg3hjd2zj6uvf4pqj7atx273klc487c5k",
    "amount": [
      {"denom": "uatom", "amount": "100"}

final stdTx = TxBuilder.buildStdTx(stdMsgs: [message]);

Signing a transaction

final signedStdTx = TxSigner.signStdTx(wallet: wallet, stdTx: stdTx);

Sending a transaction

try {
  final hash = await TxSender.broadcastStdTx(wallet: wallet, stdTx: signedStdTx);
  print("Tx send successfully. Hash: $hash");
} catch (error) {
  print("Error while sending the tx: $error");
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