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Every 2 mins for the last two months I've logged the live location of the torch relay runner for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This project contains the complete log files.

The torch ran from Saturday, 19th May 2012 to Friday, 27th July 2012 (70 days).

The last active co-ordinate is located in the middle of Tower Bridge, scene of the David Beckham opening ceremony set piece, so sadly the GPS data doesn't lead right up to the stadium and Heatherwick's cauldren.


  • gps.txt - all latitude and longitude points whilst the torch was moving.
  • gps-clean.txt - as above but with a bit of bad data removed (from the assets/outliers file)
  • gps-complete.txt - complete timestamp, latitude, longitude, and torch status
  • ./bearers - list of the torch bearers per day
  • ./by-date - gps data by date


  • Co-ordinates are from the GPS device inside the torch relay vehicle.
  • The data is accurate in so far as much as the BBC's torch relay tracking feed was correct.
  • The first 30 minutes of data is missing because I only realised that nobody might be recording this information for posterity on the morning that torch was lit.
  • A raw dump of the feed is available from

Bad Data

The data isn't perfect.

For example, the data shows quite a few duplicate entries, Eg.

sort gps.txt  | uniq -c | sort

The main outliers seem to be the following, which you might want to remove before using this data.

54.642830595671, -3.5335360166058
52.60276677965, -2.557581837071
52.054212538206, -1.7763742603503
53.897208954164, -1.5276432105434
54.232146462689, -4.4053278890666
54.177582, -6.337282
53.289861020818, -3.7143573448173
51.771603752612, -3.1046361544431
54.651566, -6.219893
57.543609, -4.048376
53.34029583263, -6.258211044218
53.334973, -2.856445
54.083613, -4.637132
58.213792, -6.330614
58.957976, -2.905025
51.49227142334, -0.082998275756836
54.086105, -4.632797
59.878601, -1.295786
58.982800406393, -2.974800047885
51.080360708057, -1.9193594565
50.943850512605, -2.6294230476567
51.608028411865, -0.067720413208008
50.624913452655, -2.4460959579877


Here's the 24th July data passed through

Route map


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