SuperTheme is the best way to use SCSS, JS, CoffeeScript with Contao CMS.
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SuperTheme Logo

What is SuperTheme?

SuperTheme is a Contao module to add SCSS, JS, CoffeeScript to a page layout easily. SuperTheme automatically compiles your assets, combines them and adds them to the HTML markup.


1. Install with composer

composer require comolo/contao-supertheme

2. Run the InstallTool

Clear your internal cache and update your database with the InstallTool.

Release notes

  • Added Contao 4.5 Support
  • SuperTheme now supports Contao 4.4 and the Contao Manager Plugin. Installing SuperTheme is now super easy ;)
  • To make SuperTheme incredibly fast, scss-files won´t get checked for changes anymore, if Contao runs in productive mode (entry point web/app.php). I recommend to run Contao in dev mode while programming the layout of a new website.