openFrameworks addon for manymouse, a great library to work with multiple mice or trackballs
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openFrameworks wrapper addon for Ryan C. Gordon's manymouse library.

With this addon you can easily read values from multiple mouse or trackball devices.


  1. Add the ofxManyMouse to your project

  2. #include "ofxManyMouse.h" in ofApp.h

  3. let ofApp extend ofxManyMouse like this:

class ofApp : public ofBaseApp, public ofxManyMouse { 
  1. Add one or more of the following functions to ofApp.h
void mouseMoved(int device, int axis, int value);
void mouseMovedAbsolute(int device, int axis, int pos); //new and not tested yet
void mouseScroll(int device, int axis, int value);
void mousePressed(int device, int button);
void mouseReleased(int device, int button);
void mouseDisconnect(int device);
  1. Implement the function(s) in testApp.cpp
void ofApp::mouseMoved(int device, int axis, int value) {
  //do something with the values

Good luck!