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Computational Light Laboratory

Research at the intersection of light, computation, graphics and perception.

👋 Hello, you have reached the Computational Light Laboratory's repositories, led by Kaan Akşit.

⚡ We invent new technologies that base on light-related phenomena. 📺 For example, we build computational methods for next-generation displays or perceptually guided computer graphics. 🕺 We intend to free all human beings from standing still in front of a screen and provide realistic images that could augment their real world.

  • 🧰 Our research toolkit is GitHub:kaanaksit/odak.

  • 🧬 Our repositories are a blend of research work coming out of our investigations and experimentations.

  • 📰 If you like to learn more about our group, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter.

  • 💵 If you find our causes worthy, please consider supporting our work through sponsorship or reach out to Kaan Akşit for more details.


  1. multicolor multicolor Public

    ⚡ Multi-color Holograms Improve Brightness in Holographic Displays

    Python 5 3

  2. holobeam_multiholo holobeam_multiholo Public

    🥽 HoloBeam: Paper-Thin Near-Eye Displays

    Python 14 2

  3. cameras-displays-perception-course cameras-displays-perception-course Public

    👨‍🏫 A course on Optimization for Cameras, Displays, and Perceptual Graphics

    Jupyter Notebook 20 2

  4. ChromaCorrect ChromaCorrect Public

    🌈 ChromaCorrect: Prescription Correction in Virtual Reality Headsets through Perceptual Guidance

    Python 6 2

  5. realistic_holography realistic_holography Public

    🔆 Realistic simulations of holographic displays.

    Python 27 4

  6. realistic_defocus realistic_defocus Public

    🌀 Realistic defocus blur for Multiplane Computer-Generated Holography

    Python 23 6


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