Multilingual text corpus integrated with machine-readable dictionary (DICTionary + cORPUS).
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Dictorpus is a framework to work with multilingual text corpus integrated with machine-readable dictionary.

Open corpus of Veps and Karelian languages (todo link) is based on Dictorpus.

DICTionary + cORPUS = dictorpus

The corpus is a search information system, including a set of texts written in some language in a digital form. The corpus is a more than a simple set of texts, the corpus should provide a search possibilities within these texts and the possibility to add (bind) some information to these texts. A search possibilities of the corpus are based on the electronic dictionary (as part of the corpus) connected with the texts of the corpus.


Dictorpus project involves researchers from institutes under the Karelian Research Centre of RAS.


This program is multi-licensed and may be used under the terms of any of the following licenses:

See documentation.