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from version control.
* **--dev:** Install packages listed in `require-dev`.
+## dump-autoload
+If you need to update the autoloader because of new classes in a classmap
+package for example, you can use "dump-autoload" to do that without having to
+go through an install or update.
+Additionally, it can dump an optimized autoloader that converts PSR-0 packages
+into classmap ones for performance reasons. In large applications with many
+classes, the autoloader can take up a substantial portion of every request's
+time. Using classmaps for everything is less convenient in development, but
+using this option you can still use PSR-0 for convenience and classmaps for
+### Options
+* **--optimize:** Convert PSR-0 autoloading to classmap to get a faster
+ autoloader. This is recommended especially for production, but can take
+ a bit of time to run so it is currently not done by default.
## help
To get more information about a certain command, just use `help`.

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