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Comunica Examples

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This is a repository of Comunica examples.

The packages in this monorepo are just created as an illustration on how packages can be created that make use of Comunica, they are not published to npm. All of these examples are available under the MIT license, so you are welcome to reuse any code from these examples any way you want.

These examples are not meant to form fully detailed tutorials on how to build applications with Comunica. Instead, they represent fully functional packages with detailed documentation so that they can be used and adjusted as needed. If you are looking for detailed documentation for using and modifying Comunica, please refer to our website.

All of these examples make use of TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript. TypeScript is not a requirement for using Comunica. All these examples will still work when removing all TypeScript configs and removing all typings from the .ts files.


Configure a custom Comunica SPARQL instance

Create a new Comunica actor

Contributing new examples

If you want to add examples to this repo, or if you want to fix mistakes in existing examples, you can clone and set up this repo as follows.

These examples require Node.JS 10.0 or higher and the Yarn package manager.

This project can be setup by cloning and installing it as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd examples
$ yarn install

Note: npm install is not supported at the moment, as this project makes use of Yarn's workspaces functionality

This will install the dependencies of all modules, and bootstrap the Lerna monorepo. After that, all example packages are available in the packages/ folder.

Furthermore, this will add pre-commit hooks to build, lint and test. These hooks can temporarily be disabled at your own risk by adding the -n flag to the commit command.


This code is copyrighted by Ghent University – imec and released under the MIT license.


πŸ“š A collection of Comunica example packages







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