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Tiny Kitchen

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Tiny Kitchen is a recipe organizer and intelligent kitchen assistant. Our app guides the user through the cooking process by providing an AI cooking assistant named Mochi. Mochi can read recipe steps, sets timers, and performs unit conversions based on voice commands. Users can add recipes to their own personal recipe boxes, add notes to recipes, and manage a grocery list. With our Chrome extension users can add recipes from their favorite cooking sites.

Capstone Project at Grace Hopper Academy by Kait Moreno, Jessica Blake, Danni Liu, and Sarah Charles

Chrome Extension

  • Get our Chrome extension here or click the chrome link on our site!
  • To use: Go to the site of the recipe you want to add and then click the Chrome extension to add. You must be logged in to add a recipe.


  • While in cooking mode you can converse with Mochi or give him instructions:
    • To control Mochi's reading, you can say: 'start cooking', 'start', 'stop', or 'pause'
    • You can ask him unit conversion questions: e.g. 'what is one tablespoon to teaspoons', or 'convert one tablespoon to teaspoons'
    • You can also set a timer: e.g. 'set a timer for 5 minutes'


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