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(deprecated/no longer used) - downloads and extracts an archive (currently tgz) from a uri
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Archive Resource

Simply downloads and extracts an archive to the destination.

NOTE: This resource is only intended for use in fly execute (it's how your inputs get uploaded). It won't work in a pipeline because check never yields any valid versions. This is because a download URL is not enough to continuously integrate with something, since the endpoint isn't versioned. You probably want the S3 resource or the GitHub Release resource instead.

Source Configuration

  • uri: Required. The location of the file to download.
  • ca_cert: Optional. The contents of server CA cert.
  • skip_ssl_validation: Optional. Skip SSL validation.


check: Not implemented.

As this resource is mainly used for one-off downloads (with Fly), there aren't really any versioning semantics.

in: Download and extract the archive.

Fetches a .tar.gz file from the URL, and extracts it to the destination as it's downloading.



out: Not implemented.

Currently there is no output functionality. In principle, this could be configured with a directory to compress and upload to the uri, however this is not currently implemented.





  • golang is required - version 1.9.x is tested; earlier versions may also work.
  • docker is required - version 17.06.x is tested; earlier versions may also work.
  • godep is used for dependency management of the golang packages.

Running the tests

The tests have been embedded with the Dockerfile; ensuring that the testing environment is consistent across any docker enabled platform. When the docker image builds, the test are run inside the docker container, on failure they will stop the build.

Run the tests with the following command:

docker build -t archive-resource .


Please make all pull requests to the master branch and ensure tests pass locally.