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Configuration files used to automate the testing and release of various versions of Concourse.
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Concourse: CI

This is where you'll find the all the CI related files for Concourse.

See this repo in action.

Currently the repo is split into five main sections:


BOSH deployment related files.


A lot of Dockerfiles are used throughout the Concourse automation. Many of those are in the /dockerfiles folder.


Overrides for docker-compose.


Pipeline definitions live here. Some highlights:


The crown jewel of this entire repo, it's how concourse is built, tested, and shipped.


This pipeline will automatically test any opened pull requests, and then update the pull request with the results of the tests.


Whenever any of these pipeline definitions get changed, the reconfigure pipeline will run to reconfigure the affected pipelines.


Concourse specific task files, these range from testing the front end to building binaries to sending notifications to Slack.

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