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RFC: Projects #32

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RFC: Projects #32

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@vito vito commented Jul 16, 2019


Please comment on individual lines, not at the top-level.


  • flesh out cross-pipeline passed constraints - it's only mentioned in passing
vito added 2 commits Jul 16, 2019
Signed-off-by: Alex Suraci <>
Signed-off-by: Alex Suraci <>
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- task: foo
file: project-name/tasks/foo.yml

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I'd suggest the taskdir style: task: foo would be interpreted by default as project-name/tasks/foo/task.yml.

The basic reasons are that tasks can grow large and complex in their own right, so establishing subdirectories in advance saves messy top-level task directories. It's also easier to do things in bulk (eg, use xargs to update multiple task YAMLs simultaneously).

Signed-off-by: Alex Suraci <>
@vito vito changed the title RFC: projects RFC: Projects Jun 10, 2020
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@vito vito left a comment

Following the discussion in #31 (comment), I've added an open question: "Can Projects replace Teams?". Really interested in hearing feedback on this idea. 🙂

@@ -0,0 +1,330 @@
# Summary

A Concourse project is a namespace for resources, tasks, and pipelines. Projects are bootstrapped from a single resource definition and a build plan which executes when new versions of the resource are found. Projects bridge the gap between small-scale and large-scale CI workflows, helping to smoothen Concourse's learning curve.
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@c4lliope c4lliope Nov 4, 2020

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I usually consider the phrase "project" to be as ambiguous as can be; it gives a vague sense of a user's underlying goals, though offers no indication of what they could be, and in many places and programs is used only to convey a sense that you can draw a clean boundary around a group of resources.

Accordingly - could you consider renaming the "project" idea, using "scope" or "namespace" (as you describe in this line). Perhaps "codebase" could do also, if they are usually to be tied to a git repository like the example suggests.

"Scope", "Namespace", "Space", "Codebase"... - also clearly indicate clean boundaries around your included resources and jobs, but they don't imply as much of an underlying goal as "project" seems to, which leaves room for them to change into a more flexible programming model.

As Naming is a hard problem, please use care in choosing a good, clearly-explained name for the ideas that this RFC introduces. As you say, this will likely be the opening concept by which new users learn the workings of Concourse; making a solid choice here could set you apart from similar programs, in terms of how you (and your users) organize mechanical jobs in general.

Nice proposal; much obliged.

@@ -255,6 +255,59 @@ Instead, these should be treated as two separate inputs. Your product code is an
TODO: finish this thought - wrap it up by suggesting that

# Open Questions

## Can Projects replace Teams?

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Please don't? 😄

We use the Teams concept to map onto our product teams. The term "project" is considered a legacy, non-agile term. As such, the first question replacing Teams by Projects would raise in our organization is: "It no longer supports agile organizations?" (I know, I know... still...) We barely convinced people that agile is good and barely got people used to product teams, etc.

I was kinda hoping Projects would become an organizational tool under Teams for housing related Pipelines. I.e. you'd have a Team like "Tasty Treats app" which could have Projects like "Strawberry Icecream", "Bubble Tea" and "Apple Pie" with Pipelines underneath those related to the various tasks and builds that need doing there.

But feel free to ignore my monologue. Just dropping my 2 cents. 😄

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