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conda-verify is a tool for (passively) verifying conda recipes and conda packages. The purpose of this verification process is to ensure that recipes don't contain obvious bugs, and that the conda packages we distribute to millions of users meet our high quality standards.


Another aspect of conda-verify is the ability to verify conda packages. These are the most important checks conda-verify performs on conda packages, and more importantly we explain why these checks are necessary or useful.

  • Ensure the content of info/files corresponds to the actual archived files in the tarball (except the ones in info/, obviously). This is important, because the files listed in info/files determine which files are linked into the conda environment. Any mismatch here would indicate either (i) the tarball contains files which are not getting linked anywhere or (ii) files which do no exist are attempted to get linked (which would result in an error).

  • Check for now allowed archives in the tarball. A conda package should not contain files in the following directories conda-meta/, conda-bld/, pkgs/, pkgs32/ and envs/, because this would (for example) allow a conda package to modify another existing environment.

  • Make sure the name, version and build values exist in info/index.json and that they correspond to the actual filename.

  • Ensure there are no files with both .bat and .exe extension. For example, if you had Scripts/foo.bat and Scripts/foo.exe one would shadow the other, and this would become confusing which one is actually executed when the user types foo. Although this check is always done, it is only relevant on Windows.

  • Ensure no easy-install.pth file exists. These files would cause problems as they would overlap (two or more conda packages would contain a easy-install.pth file, which overwrite each other when installing the package).

  • Ensure no "easy install scripts" exists. These are entry point scripts which setuptools creates which are extremely brittle, and should by replaced (overwritten) by the simple entry points scripts conda-build offers (use build/entry_points in your meta.yaml).

  • Ensure there are no .pyd or .so files have a .py file next to it. This is just confusing, as it is not obvious which one the Python interpreter will import. Under certain circumstances setuptools creates .py next to shared object files for obscure reasons.

  • For packages (other than python), ensure that .pyc are not in Python's standard library directory. This would happen when a .pyc file is missing from the standard library, and then created during the build process of another package.

  • Check for missing .pyc files. Missing .pyc files cause two types of problems: (i) When building new packages, they might get included in the new package. For example, when building scipy and numpy is missing .pyc files, then these (numpy .pyc files) get included in the scipy package (ii) There was a (buggy) Python release which would crash when .pyc files could not written (due to file permissions).

  • Ensure Windows conda packages only contain object files which have the correct architecture. There was a bug in conda-build which would create 64-bit entry point executables when building 32-bit packages on a 64-bit system.

  • Ensure that site-packages does not contain certain directories when building packages. For example, when you build pandas you don't want a numpy, scipy or setuptools directory to be contained in the pandas package. This would happen when the pandas build dependencies have missing .pyc files.


conda-verify can be installed with conda with the following command:

$  conda install conda-verify

If you would rather install from source, the following commands may be used:

$  git clone
$  cd conda-verify
$  python install


usage: conda-verify [options] path

positional arguments:
    path                    The filepath to the conda package or the path to the recipe directory

optional arguments:
    --ignore                Ignore specific checks. Each check must be separated by a single comma
    --exit                  Raise an exception after the first error is found

For example, to verify the conda-build recipe while ignoring the field check and the license check one could run:

$  conda-verify conda-build/conda.recipe --ignore=C2109,C2124


C1101 - Missing package name in info/index.json
C1102 - Found package name in info/index.json "{}" does not match filename "{}"
C1103 - Found invalid package name in info/index.json
C1104 - Missing package version in info/index.json
C1105 - Found invalid version number in info/index.json
C1106 - Found package version in info/index.json "{}" does not match filename version "{}"
C1107 - Package version in info/index.json cannot start or end with '_' or '.'
C1108 - Build number in info/index.json must be an integer
C1109 - Build number in info/index.json cannot be a negative integer
C1110 - Found invalid build string "{}" in info/index.json
C1111 - Found build number in info/index.json "{}" does not match build number "{}" in filename
C1112 - Missing "depends" field in info/index.json
C1113 - Found empty dependencies in info/index.json
C1114 - Found invalid dependency "{}" in info/index.json
C1115 - Found invalid license "{}" in info/index.json
C1116 - Found non-ascii characters inside info/index.json
C1117 - Found duplicate members inside tar archive
C1118 - Found archive member names containing non-ascii characters
C1119 - Found filenames in info/files containing non-ascii characters
C1120 - Found filenames in info/files that start with "info"
C1121 - Found duplicate filenames in info/files
C1122 - Found filename in info/files missing from tar archive: {}
C1123 - Found filename in tar archive missing from info/files: {}
C1124 - Found hardlink {} in tar archive
C1125 - Found unallowed file in tar archive: {}
C1126 - Found {} however package is not a noarch package
C1127 - Found both .bat and .exe files in executable directory
C1128 - Found non-ascii characters in info/has_prefix
C1129 - Found filename "{}" in info/has_prefix not included in archive
C1130 - Found invalid mode "{}" in info/has_prefix
C1131 - Binary placeholder found in info/has_prefix not allowed when building Python
C1132 - Binary placeholder found in info/has_prefix not allowed in Windows package
C1133 - Binary placeholder "{}" found in info/has_prefix does not have a length of 255 bytes
C1134 - Found pre/post link file "{}" in archive
C1135 - Found egg file "{}" in archive
C1136 - Found easy_install script "{}" in archive
C1137 - Found namespace file "{}" in archive
C1138 - Found pyo file "{}" in archive
C1139 - Found pyc file "{}" in invalid directory
C1140 - Found lib2to3 .pickle file "{}"
C1141 - Found python file "{}" without a corresponding pyc file
C1142 - Found invalid Menu json file "{}"
C1143 - Found more than one Menu json file
C1144 - Found unrecognized Windows architecture "{}"
C1145 - Found file "{}" with object type "{}" but with arch "{}"
C1146 - Found file "{}" with sha256 hash different than listed in paths.json
C1147 - Found file "{}" with filesize different than listed in paths.json
C2101 - Missing package name in meta.yaml
C2102 - Found invalid package name "{}" in meta.yaml
C2103 - Found invalid sequence "{}" in package name
C2104 - Missing package version in meta.yaml
C2105 - Found invalid package version "{}" in meta.yaml
C2106 - Found invalid sequence "{}" in package version
C2107 - Build number in info/index.json must be an integer
C2108 - Build number in info/index.json cannot be a negative integer
C2109 - Found invalid section "{}"
C2110 - Found invalid field "{}" in section "{}"
C2111 - Found invalid build requirement "{}"
C2112 - Found invalid run requirement "{}"
C2113 - Found empty dependencies in info/index.json
C2114 - Found invalid dependency "{}" in info/index.json
C2115 - Found duplicate build requirements: {}
C2116 - Found duplicate run requirements: {}
C2117 - Found summary with length greater than 80 characters
C2118 - Found invalid URL "{}" in meta.yaml
C2119 - Found invalid hash "{}" in meta.yaml
C2120 - Found invalid URL "{}" in meta.yaml
C2121 - Found both git_branch and git_tag in meta.yaml source field
C2122 - Found invalid license family "{}"
C2123 - Found file "{}" listed outside recipe directory
C2124 - Found file "{}" in meta.yaml that doesn't exist
C2125 - Found disallowed file with extension "{}"
C2126 - Found conda-forge comment in meta.yaml file