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Conduktor Inc

Universal Tooling for Apache Kafka developers and infrastructure

Welcome to Conduktor!

Be Conduktor

Here at Conduktor, we work at providing the most complete platform for improving the productivity of teams that are working with data streaming and Apache Kafka.

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  1. conduktor-platform conduktor-platform Public

    Streamline Apache Kafka with Conduktor Platform. 🚀

    80 12

  2. kafka-stack-docker-compose kafka-stack-docker-compose Public

    docker compose files to create a fully working kafka stack

    Shell 3.1k 1.2k

  3. kafka-security-manager kafka-security-manager Public

    Manage your Kafka ACL at scale

    Scala 354 159

  4. kafka-beginners-course kafka-beginners-course Public

    Java 974 1.2k

  5. conduktor-coding-challenge conduktor-coding-challenge Public

    Want to work with us? Here is a mini-coding challenge you can try :)

    Shell 49 7

  6. scala-api-template scala-api-template Public template

    Example Scala API to bootstrap new projects

    Scala 53 11


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