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Confidential Computing Consortium Governance Documents

This repo contains governance documents for the Confidential Computing Consortium. For more information on the consortium, our projects, and SIGS please see our website.

You are welcome to join our public Technical Advisory Council meetings.

We welcome all projects submissions meeting our criteria. See Project Submission Template.


Confidential Computing is the protection of data in use by performing computation in a hardware-based, attested Trusted Execution Environment.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Confidential Computing Consortium is to raise, budget and spend funds in support of various open source and/or open standards projects relating to:

  • defining confidential computing and accelerating acceptance and adoption in the market.
  • developing open enterprise-grade building blocks (e.g., open specifications and open source licensed projects), including a Confidential Computing portfolio and development experience, to enable easy development and management of enterprise-grade Confidential Computing applications, and
  • defining foundational services and frameworks that are Confidential Computing aware and minimize the need for trust.

Repository Maintenance

This repository is maintained by the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) which meets every two weeks.

The TAC has its own email list which is free to join. You can do so by by creating an account on the CCC list server.

Meeting information, calendar links, minutes, and supporting materials are kept in the TAC directory. Meeting agendas are generally published to the TAC email list before the call, by the TAC chair.


These files are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


Confidential Computing Consortium Governance Documents


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