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ConfigCat SDK for Ruby
ConfigCat SDK for Ruby provides easy integration for your application to ConfigCat.

ConfigCat is a feature flag and configuration management service that lets you separate releases from deployments. You can turn your features ON/OFF using ConfigCat Management Console even after they are deployed. ConfigCat lets you target specific groups of users based on region, email or any other custom user attribute.

ConfigCat is a hosted feature flag service. Manage feature toggles across frontend, backend, mobile, desktop apps. Alternative to LaunchDarkly. Management app + feature flag SDKs.

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Getting started

1. Install the package with RubyGems

gem install configcat

2. Import configcat to your application

require 'configcat'

3. Go to Connect your application tab to get your API Key:


4. Create a ConfigCat client instance:

configcat_client = ConfigCat.create_client("#YOUR-API-KEY#")

We strongly recommend using the ConfigCat Client as a Singleton object in your application.

5. Get your setting value

isMyAwesomeFeatureEnabled = configcat_client.get_value("isMyAwesomeFeatureEnabled", false)
if isMyAwesomeFeatureEnabled

6. Stop ConfigCat client on application exit


Getting user specific setting values with Targeting

Using this feature, you will be able to get different setting values for different users in your application by passing a User Object to the get_value() function.

Read more about Targeting here.


isMyAwesomeFeatureEnabled = configcat_client.get_value("isMyAwesomeFeatureEnabled", false, user)
if isMyAwesomeFeatureEnabled

Sample/Demo app

Polling Modes

The ConfigCat SDK supports 3 different polling mechanisms to acquire the setting values from ConfigCat. After latest setting values are downloaded, they are stored in the internal cache then all requests are served from there. Read more about Polling Modes and how to use them at ConfigCat Docs.


If you need help how to use this SDK feel free to to contact the ConfigCat Staff on We're happy to help.


Contributions are welcome.

About ConfigCat

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