Docker images for Confluent Platform.
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Docker Images for Confluent Plaform

Docker images for deploying and running the Confluent Platform. The images are currently available on DockerHub. They are currently only available for Confluent Platform 3.0.1 and after.

Full documentation for using the images can be found here.

Important Caveat - Images Not Tested for Docker for Mac or Windows

These images are not tested on Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows. These images will be updated in the near future to support these platforms. For more details on these known issues, you can refer to the following links:

Networking and Kafka on Docker

When running Kafka under Docker, you need to pay careful attention to your configuration of hosts and ports to enable components both internal and external to the docker network to communicate. You can see more details in this article.


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The project is licensed under the Apache 2 license. For more information on the licenses for each of the individual Confluent Platform components packaged in the images, please refer to the respective Confluent Platform documentation for each component.