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Please note that this demo is for Conjur Open Source or Enterprise only

This repository contains two separate scripts for demonstrating that an application deployed to Cloud Foundry can access secrets stored in a Conjur instance.

  • The local directory includes a script that will stand up a local Conjur instance in a container, manually deploy the Conjur Service Broker to a locally running instance of CF Dev, and deploy the test app to CF to verify it can retrieve secrets from Conjur.

  • The TAS with installed tile directory is intended for development purposes only; it assumes that you have access to a VMWare Tanzu Application Service (TAS) installation and that you have an existing Conjur Open Source or Enterprise installation up and running. It requires that you install the Conjur Service Broker for VMWare Tanzu service tile in the Ops Manager of your running TAS installation, and it deploys the test app to TAS to verify it can retrieve secrets from Conjur.


We welcome contributions of all kinds to this repository. For instructions on how to get started and descriptions of our development workflows, please see our contributing guide.


This repository is licensed under Apache License 2.0 - see LICENSE for more details.