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Laravel Forum

I'm blogging my way through the advanced Laracast course: Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD

Build an online forum with Laravel

Part 1: Initial Setup and Seeding

Part 2: Create routes, views, controllers. Generate auth. Write test

Part 3: Post and Show Replies to Threads

Part 4: Give the User the ability to create Threads

Part 5: Testing Helpers in Laravel 5.4

Helpful commands

# Clear cache
$ php artisan cache:clear

# Run tests 
$ phpunit
// OR 
$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

# Clear config 
$ php artisan config:clear

# Migrate or refresh database
$ php artisan migrate:refresh
$ php artisan migrate:rollback

# Seed database with db seeders
$ php artisan db:seed 

# Seed database with model factories
$ php artisan tinker
> factory('App\Thread', 50)->create();