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Terraform code to create a Cassandra cluster in AWS
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Cassandra Module


This module creates a Cassandra cluster. The module is based upon the following white paper:


Name Description Default
app_name application name
availability_zones comma separated list of AZs
az_count number of AZs to span
backup_hour crontab hour for backup
backup_minute crontab minute for backup
backup_retention backup retention period in days 7
bastion_ip bastion IP address for ssh access
bastion_private_key local path to ssh private key for bastion access
cassandra_version version of Cassandra 3.9
cloudwatch_alarm_arn cloudwatch alarm ARN
commit_log_device_name attach device for commit log volume /dev/xvdg
commit_log_mount_point mount point for commit log volume commitlog
data_device_name attach device for data volume /dev/xvdf
data_dir data directory for Docker mount /var/lib/cassandra
data_mount_point mount point for data volume data
environment environment to configure
iam_instance_profile IAM instance profile name to allow nodes to create EBS snapshots
key_name key pair for SSH access
nodes_per_az number of non-seed nodes per AZ
nonseed_commitlog_volume_ids list of non-seed commitlog volume IDs
nonseed_data_volume_ids list of non-seed data volume IDs
private_key local path to ssh private key
region region to configure
security_group_ids list of security groups
seed_addr network number for seed IP
seed_commitlog_volume_ids list of seed commitlog volume IDs
seed_data_volume_ids list of seed data volume IDs
seed_subnet_ids list of subnet IDs for seed nodes (/24 CIDR)
stdenv environment lookup to use
subnet_ids list of subnet IDs for non-seed nodes


Name Description
node_ips comma separated list of node IP addresses


The test documentation can be found in test/

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