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Show type signatures when logging blocks
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BlockTypeDescription adds a block's type signature to its description. It makes debugging more transparent, and turns an otherwise useless description into a useful one.

Because this project replaces an existing method on the private NSBlock class, this should be used for debugging purposes only.

Example Usage

NSString * (^someBlock)(NSString *, BOOL, CGRect, float*[30]) = ^(NSString *a, BOOL b, CGRect c, float *d[30]) {
    return @"Some return value";
NSLog(@"This is my block! %@", someBlock);


This is my block! <__NSGlobalBlock__: 0x35c0>


This is my block! <__NSGlobalBlock__: (id (^)(id, char, struct CGRect, float*[30]))>


BlockTypeDescription is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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