An NES emulator for everyone
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An NES emulator for everyone

An NES emulator for everyone.

webNES is a web-based NES emulator for mobile. You can access the web app on any mobile browser. You can add ROMs via Dropbox and use the emulator while offline. The touch based controls are just as responsive as a native app.

The emulator was based off of the existing JSNES ( library, with modifications to support the HTML5 Web Audio API. We used jQuery to build the touch interface, Local Storage and WebSQL to store the ROMs offline. It also supports the HTML5 Offline Application Cache, allowing you to use the emulator with no internet connection. It can even be added as an icon to the home screen for a full screen, immersive experience.

Above, there is the portrait UI and Super Mario Brothers.

webNES menu screen

Donkey Kong

Importing ROMs from DropBox

The Developers

Props to the Creator of jsNES

This app was built during the spring PennApps 2014 hackathon by Conrad, Jared, Bogdan, Evan and was a finalist (top 10).