Standalone implemention of authenticated encryption algorithms
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Standalone implemention of authenticated encryption algorithms (currently only GCM).


authenc uses CMake for building:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DBACKEND=ref ..

This will build libauthenc.a and some test programs. You can change the "ref" backend to any of the folders in src/ . Currently there is:

  • ref: naive C-only backend
  • armv7-neon: ARMv7 speed-optimized with NEON (VMULL.P8); with side-channel resistance. Includes bitsliced AES by Bernstein and Schwabe.
  • armv8-aarch32-neon: 32-bit ARMv8 speed optimized with NEON (VMULL.P64) and AES instructions.
  • armv8-aarch64-neon: 64-bit ARMv8 speed optimized with NEON (PMULL) and AES instructions.

You can skip CMake by simply building all the files in src/, all the files in src/backend/, and all the files in src/ref/ which are listed in src/backend/CMakeLists.txt.


You'll need to create a project and include the files manually. Make sure to compile backend specific code with the corresponding architecture. I'll eventually try to commit the project itself.


A simple benchmark program is included in bench/bench_ac_gcm.c, which should be compiled in the bench_ac_gcm binary by CMake.

By default it uses clock_gettime to measure times. Change the #define TIMER in bench/authenc_bench.c to MACH in order to use mach_timebase_info in iOS.

When running on the Galaxy Note 4 (or any big.LITTLE ARM processor), you can choose which core will run the benchmark by defining AUTHENC_BENCH_CORE at the top bench_ac_gcm.c with the index of the core to run (e.g. #define AUTHENC_BENCH_CORE 7)


MIT License, except benchmark code which was copied from RELIC and is LGPL, but it isn't compiled into the library.