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Generator and Reader for qr codes hiding (and restoring) a secret DAT link in several codes using shamir secrets.
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This repository contains both the generator and reader user-interface used at

Reader User Interface

The user-interface is powered by vue.js. You can simply use the


and copy the html code from the ./example.html to adjust to your liking.

Generate cards

To generate cards we have a 2 step process:

npx @consento/cards <action>

  <action> = init ..... to init the secrets necessary to retreive the codes
  <action> = create ... to create qr codes based on the secret
  Get more help for each action by adding --help or -h

First we need to create the parts created for the secret:

npx @consento/cards init 3 100 dat://ff05ebb2091766118717d78f58d1a19a19fbfa68796d1164f4d6a80f8dd4b2de`

This will create a .json file like ./codes/F127-2F66-CE58.json which contains 100 partial secrets. Two of them are needed to reveal our secret dat.

We can use this .json in our second step to generate the QR codes:

npx @consento/cards create ./codes/F127-2F66-CE58.json svg tanja martin daniel

This will assign 3 of the partial secrets to the 3 names: tanja, martin and daniel and render 3 svg's looking like:

Writing ./codes/F127-2F66-CE58-tanja.svg
Writing ./codes/F127-2F66-CE58-martin.svg
Writing ./codes/F127-2F66-CE58-daniel.svg

You can use these to restore restore the dat link in the user interface.



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