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Constant Contact IOS SDK


In order to use the Constant Contact SDK you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the project in Xcode

  2. Drag The Constant Contact Folder into the Project Navigation Panel.

  3. Be sure to make the following selections in the popup: Folders : "Create groups for ant added folders" Add to targets: "" Destination: "Copy items into destination group's folder(if needed)"


The source documentation is hosted at

API Documentation is located at


  1. Include the following code in the file you wish to use the SDK:

#import "Config.h" -for api key and other configuration elements
#import "ContactsCollection.h" -for contact collection manipulation
#import "ListsCollection.h" -for list collection manipulation
#import "ActivityService.h" -for activity manipulation
#import "EmailCampaignService.h" -for email campaign manipulation
#import "CampaignScheduleService.h" -for campaign schedule manipulation
#import "CampaignTrackingService.h" -for campaign tracking manipulation
#import "ContactTrackingService.h" -for contact tracking manipulation
#import "VerifiedEmailAddress.h" -to obtain the valid email addresses used in some calls

  1. Create an authentication object using your user credentials:

###Instantiate your credentials

In the Config directory open the Congif.plist file.

Select the config drop down section and fill in your consumer_secret, api_key, and redirect_uri keys.


  1. Show authentication view

     CTCTLoginViewController *loginViewController = [[CTCTLoginViewController alloc] init];
         loginViewController.delegate = self;
     [self presentModalViewController:loginViewController animated:YES];
  2. Get the access token

Respond to the following delegate method:

    - (void)loginViewController:(CTCTLoginViewController *)loginViewController didLoginWithAccessToken:(NSString *)accessToken;

Note: Requesting the access token implicitly means that you are giving the all the permissions needed by the SDK, no further permissions are required.

  1. Start using the SDK.

##Example for getting a array of contacts

HttpResponse *result = [ContactsCollection contactsWithAccessToken: myToken withLimitOf:10];
NSArray *contactArray =;


Constant Contact IOS SDK for v2 API




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