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@@ -301,6 +301,9 @@ When `value` is anything but an Object, it is assigned to the `value` property o
See `m8.modes` below for a list of available property descriptors.
+### m8.description( item:Object, property:String ):Object
+Shortened version for [Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor](
### m8.empty( value:Mixed ):Boolean
Returns `true` if the passed `value` does not exist (see `exist` below), is an empty Array, Object, String or any other enumerable type.
@@ -491,7 +494,7 @@ Tries the returns the `length` property of the passed `item`.
### m8.merge( target:Array|Object, source:Array|Object ):Boolean
Performs a "deep copy" of all the properties in `source` to `target`, so that `target` does not reference any child Arrays and/ or Objects that belong to `source`.
-### m8.nativeType( item:Mixed ):String
+### m8.nativeType( item:Mixed ):String (alias: m8.ntype)
Returns the native `type` of the passed item. For normalised types use `m8.type`.
**Note:** All types are **always** in lowercase.

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