Dropwizard bundle that allows use of constretto tags in yml-configuration
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Dropwizard Constretto Bundle

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Constretto DropWizard Dropwizard Java
1.1 > 1.0 >= 8
1.0 < 1.0 >= 7

What is it for?

Dropwizard bundle that allows use of Constretto tags in yml-configuration like this:


  # the JDBC URL
  url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//oracle-testing:1521/name
  .staging.url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//oracle-staging:1521/name
  .production.url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//oracle-production:1521/name

    - .testing:
      type: console
      threshold: DEBUG
      target: stdout

    - .staging:
      type: console
      threshold: INFO
      target: stdout


import org.constretto.dropwizard.ConstrettoBundle;

public class MyApplication extends Application<Config> {

    public void initialize(Bootstrap<Config> configBootstrap) {
        configBootstrap.addBundle(new ConstrettoBundle());


This component is distributed through the Sonatype OSS Repository and should thus by widely available

Add the dependency to your pom file:


Version 1.1

  • Support for Dropwizard 1.X (thus dropping support for Java 7). Thanks to @garyschulte for PR

Version 1.0

  • Release to Sonatype OSS

Version 0.3

  • Supports tagging of list elements

Version 0.2.1

  • Updated constretto dependencies to 2.1.4

Version 0.2

  • Allows tagging with '.env.' (preferred) in addition to '@env.'. The preferred variant makes it valid yaml syntax.
  • Wraps existing ConfigurationSourceProvider to allow chaining of providers
  • Eliminates issue where duplicate property keys in different structs is mixed up
  • Fixes issue where nested values in structs failed to resolve
  • Note: replacing properties in lists is not yet supported

Version 0.1

  • Supports basic replacement of tagged attributes.
  • Tagging uses the '@' sign (which makes the text illegal yaml syntax)