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Version 0.0.1 beta

Contacthub Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Version 0.0.1 beta

Installation and Configuration Guide

Table of contents


The Contacthub Salesforce Commerce Cloud plug-in enables you to automatically send all of the activities that your customers undertake on the e-commerce platform to Contacthub, without the need to write any code. The extension automatically collects individual customer information such as:

  • The pages they visit
  • The products they add to, or remove from, their shopping cart
  • The orders they complete

It also ensures potentially valuable information is not lost, by retaining events and actions that are related to customers who have not yet been identified because, for example, they are not logged in, or they have not yet registered. The data is stored by Contacthub, ready to be associated with the customer as soon as they are identified later.

Installing the plug-in is very simple, while activating it requires just a few minutes.

Installing the Salesforce Commerce Cloud plug-in

To install the plug-in, complete the steps as described below.

Uploading the cartridge to your sandbox

Do the following:

  • Open Demandware Studio

  • Click File > Import > General > Existing Projects Into Workspace

  • Browse to the int_contacthub folder

  • Click Finish

  • When prompted, click OK to link the cartridge to your sandbox

Adding the cartridge to the cartridges path

Do the following:

  • Log in to the Business Manager

  • Select your site in the Administration > Sites > Manage Sites menu

  • Select the Settings tab

  • Add int_contacthub: to the Cartridges field

Cartridges Field

The Cartridges field with int_contacthub: added

  • Click Apply

Importing Custom Site Preferences, Services and System Object Extensions together

Do the following:

  • In the Business Manager, click Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export

  • In the Import panel, click Choose file and upload the that is included in the cartridge

Import Upload

The Import panel with upload controls

  • Select in the list and click Import

  • Click OK

Import Import

The Import panel with the file

Importing Custom Preferences


This step is only required if your site is not called SiteGenesis.

Do the following:

  • Details to follow

Entering Custom Preferences

Do the following:

  • In the Business Manager, click Merchant Tools > Site Preferences

  • Select ContactLabHubConfigs

Custom Site

The Custom Site Preference Groups panel

  • Complete the relevant fields

Contacthub Config

The Contacthub configuration panel

  • Click Save

Custom code

Loading the component

Do the following:

  • Paste the following single line in the <cartridge_name>/cartridge/templates/default/components/footer/footer_UI.isml template file:

    <isinclude template="contacthub/contacthub" />

External interfaces

The cartridge connects with Contacthub using the Contacthub API

Data storage

All data is stored on the Contacthub servers. The Workspace ID, Node ID, trusted and untrusted tokens, are stored as custom site preferences within Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Which activities does the Salesforce Commerce Cloud plug-in save?

The following table lists the retained information:

Activity Description
Viewed product When the customer views a product
Added product When the customer adds a product to their shopping cart
Removed product When the customer removes a product from their shopping cart
Order completed When the customer completes an order
Subscribed to newsletter When the customer subscribes to your newsletter
Unsubscribed from newsletter When the customer unsubscribes from your newsletter