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@jdef jdef released this 04 Jun 19:19
· 226 commits to master since this release


  • NodeGetId, in favor of NodeGetInfo; will be removed by v1.0


  • spec: snapshot API (new Controller capability)
  • spec: topology API (new Plugin capability)
  • spec: ProbeResponse reports readiness
  • spec: NodeGetInfo RPC supersedes NodeGetId RPC
  • spec: NodeGetInfo reports volume limits (new Node capability)
  • readme: added CSI adoption section
  • make: add DNE comment to generated protobufs
  • lib/go: initial support for protobuf "well known types"


  • spec: gGRPC error code corrections
  • spec: remove a reference to VolumeInfo
  • spec: consistency fix on map declarations
  • spec: use MUST when describing CapacityRange field reqs
  • spec: consistently document intentionally empty messages
  • spec: clarify field requirements
  • spec: add units for GetCapacityResponse
  • spec: fix SnapshotSource commment
  • spec: clarification re: Volume from snapshot with different size
  • spec: fix spelling and grammatical errors
  • spec: remove trailing spaces
  • contrib: clarify authoring process, is system-of-record
  • make: transitively clean/clobber generated go bindings


  • travis: bump golang version to 1.9.5
  • lib/go: pin golang/protobuf dependency to v1.1.0