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Cross-project utilities, scripts, etc.
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containerd common project repository

This cross-project repository holds utilities, scripts, and common files used across the containerd master project and many sub-projects within the containerd organization.

release-tool utility

The release-tool utility is maintained here in the common project repo to reduce duplication across the various release branches of the main containerd/containerd repository where it is used to cut release notes and project data to aid release engineers. It has the ability to be used by other projects as well.

Common scripts

To reduce the need for several copies of tools which perform DCO checks, file license header checks, and Go vendor compliance, a set of scripts is maintained here and used within the CI configuration of various projects within the containerd organization.

The simplest way to see the integration of this common project into a Travis CI configuration is to look at the example in the containerd/continuity project here.

Common tools are retrieved during install: with go get, and then this containerd/project repository is cloned in the before_script:. Finally, tools from the project repository are then used for checking DCO signoff, license file headers, and vendoring matching between the commit and vendor config file.

Project core documents

Project governance, maintainer list, and contributing guidelines are all maintained as single copies within this repository and linked to from all containerd projects to reduce duplication and maintenance across all repos.

You can see each of these core documents here:

For an example of how to include these in a project's file see the following markdown:

## Project details

{Some-project} is a containerd sub-project, licensed under the [Apache 2.0 license](./LICENSE).
As a containerd sub-project, you will find the:
 * [Project governance](,
 * [Maintainers](,
 * and [Contributing guidelines](

information in our [`containerd/project`]( repository.
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