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Contenta JSONAPI elm

This project tries to implement a decoupled frontend for the contenta distribution.


This implementation of the frontend is implemented using Elm, which is "a delightful language for relieable webapps".


  • If you are a PHP/JS developer join the contenta slack channel, and you can contribute to all kind of projects, and maybe even learn elm along the way?
  • If you are an experienced Elm developer, please for example give recommendations in best practices. Some of the code is certainly not ideal yet.



  • Install the dependencies with yarn: yarn install
  • Install the Elm packages: elm package install


  • For development run yarn app-dev. This opens a live reloading browser on localhost:8000

Running tests




General TODOs

  • Try to implement the designs of the frontend of the recipe site. First just basic HTML structure but later actual CSS.
  • Continue work on the JsonapiHelper.elm file, which should make it easier to query data.
  • Provide support of a switchable backend, by using programWithFlags.