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The official Contentful command line interface. Use Contentful features straight from the command line!
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Contentful CLI

Contentful's command line interface tool. Use Contentful features straight from your CLI.

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Contentful provides a content infrastructure for digital teams to power content in websites, apps, and devices. Unlike a CMS, Contentful was built to integrate with the modern software stack. It offers a central hub for structured content, powerful management and delivery APIs, and a customizable web app that enable developers and content creators to ship digital products faster.

🚀 Features

  • Securely login and logout with our OAuth service.
  • Manage spaces - List, create, ...
  • Export your space to a JSON file.
  • Import your space from a JSON file.
  • Execute migration scripts written in the Contentful Migration DSL
  • Generate migration scripts for the Contentful Migration DSL from existing spaces.
  • Seed your space with example data.
  • Manage installation of extensions in a space.
  • Run a guide which introduces you to the Contentful basics.
  • Find all available commands in the docs section.
  • More to come soon! 🚀

☁️ Installation

Using homebrew:

brew install contentful-cli

Using npm:

npm install -g contentful-cli

Using yarn:

yarn global add contentful-cli

Please note that for the non standalone versions you need node => v8 to use the CLI.


Use the --help parameter to display the help section for CLI tool or combined with a specific command to get the help section for that command.

contentful --help
# or
contentful space --help

Using the CLI tool with a proxy

You can save the proxy configuration in your .contentfulrc.json via:

contentful config add --proxy user:auth@host:port

We also respect the http(s)_proxy environment variables:

https_proxy=user:auth@host:port contentful

When multiple proxy configurations exists, precedence is taken in this form:

  1. http_proxy takes precedence over .contentfulrc.json
  2. https_proxy takes precedence over .contentfulrc.json
  3. https_proxy takes precedence over http_proxy


  • Unable to connect to Contentful through your Proxy? Try settings rawProxy: true in your .contentfulrc.json via:
contentful config add --raw-proxy

📚 Documentation

More detailed documentation for every command can be found in the docs section.

🛠 Development

After installing the dependencies, there is a trick to get your version of the CLI tool available globally on your system:

npm link

This may collide with your already globally installed Contentful CLI. Make sure to remove that one first.

🤖 Testing

Integration Tests

We are using talkback proxy to record and playback http requests in our integration tests. To run tests with the talkback proxy and recordings, simply run

npm run test:integration

For development, it might be easier to run the talkback proxy in one shell and run tests ad-hoc (or with a --watch flag) using jest commands in another shell. This flow might look like this:

npm run pretest:integration // ensure config is set up correctly for tests
npm run run-talkback-proxy // start proxy in one shell

// open another shell

jest test/integration/cmds/space/* --watch // run tests using jest in another shell

See jest documentation for more details about running tests and optional flags.

⚠️ Environment variables for integration tests must be set:

CLI_E2E_CMA_TOKEN = <cma_auth_token>
CLI_E2E_ORG_ID = <organization_id>

Updating Snapshots

You might need to update snapshots and it's challenging with the recordings.

Tip: run tests without recordings to update the snapshots.

jest test/integration/cmds/<path to the affected test file> --updateSnapshot

If running `jest` alone, not from an npm script, you'll need to make sure your local config is set up correctly for the tests.

npm run pretest:integration // this backs up your current config and puts in integration test config ./bin/contentful.js config list // check what's in there if you're curious ./bin/contentful.js config remove --proxy // remove proxy config since you're not using talkback recordings ./bin/contentful.js config remove --raw-proxy

npm run posttest:integration // after running your tests, this restores your config to how it was before

## :question: Support

If you have a problem with this tool, please file an [issue]( here on Github.

If you have other problems with Contentful not related to this library, you can contact [Customer Support](

## :writing_hand: Contributing

See [](

## :scroll: License

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