REST/JSON interface to Burp Suite
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A REST/JSON API to the Burp Suite security tool.



Install Burp Suite pro into the local maven repo:

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=burpsuite-pro.jar -DgroupId=net.portswigger -DartifactId=burpsuite-pro -Dversion=1.4.04 -Dpackaging=jar

Then compile resty-burp:

cd ..
mvn compile
mvn install -DskipTests


The URL to access the web service can be edited in the file, by default it's http://localhost:8181 with the WADL available from http://localhost:8181/application.wadl

Everytime the reset() method is called, the burp.blank.state state is loaded- so if you'd like to make changes to Burp's state, save the state to this file.


Before running for the first time, compile with:

mvn exec:java


It ships with a client written in Java which can be used from other Java programs. For example:

	public void scan(String url) {
		BurpClient burp = new BurpClient("http://localhost:8181/");
		try {
			int scanId = burp.scan(url);
			while (burp.percentComplete(scanId) < 100) {
		} catch (Exception e) {