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ReSharper Postfix Templates plugin

The basic idea is to prevent caret jumps backwards while typing C# code. Kind of surround templates on steroids baked with code completion.


ReSharper 10

I'm excited to announce that this plugin is now integral part of ReSharper 10!

Further Postfix Templates development happens inside ReSharper codebase, so this repository is no longer maintained and intended to use as a source of code examples for ReSharper plugin development.



Available templates:

  • .if – checks boolean expression to be true if (expr)
  • .else – checks boolean expression to be false if (!expr)
  • .null – checks nullable expression to be null if (expr == null)
  • .notnull – checks expression to be non-null if (expr != null)
  • .not – negates value of inner boolean expression !expr
  • .foreach – iterates over collection foreach (var x in expr)
  • .for – surrounds with loop for (var i = 0; i < expr.Length; i++)
  • .forr – reverse loop for (var i = expr.Length - 1; i >= 0; i--)
  • .var – initialize new variable with expression var x = expr;
  • .arg – helps surround argument with invocation Method(expr)
  • .to – assigns expression to some variable lvalue = expr;
  • .await – awaits expression with C# await keyword await expr
  • .cast – surrounds expression with cast ((SomeType) expr)
  • .field – intoduces field for expression _field = expr;
  • .prop – introduces property for expression Prop = expr;
  • .new – produces instantiation expression for type new T()
  • .par – surrounds outer expression with parentheses (expr)
  • .parse – parses string as value of some type int.Parse(expr)
  • .return – returns value from method/property return expr;
  • .typeof – wraps type usage with typeof-expression typeof(TExpr)
  • .switch – produces switch over integral/string type switch (expr)
  • .yield – yields value from iterator method yield return expr;
  • .throw – throws value of Exception type throw expr;
  • .using – surrounds disposable expression using (var x = expr)
  • .while – uses expression as loop condition while (expr)
  • .lock – surrounds expression with statement lock (expr)
  • .sel – selects expression in editor

Also Postfix Templates including more C# code completion features sharing the same idea:

Static members of first argument type capatible available just like instance members:

Static members completion

Enum members are available over values of enumeration types to produce equality/flag checks:

Enum members completion

Length/Count code completion solves one of the most common mistypings when dealing with arrays or collections:

Length/Count completion

Create type parameter from usage helps declaring generic methods in a postfix way:

Type parameter completion


  • By now it supports only C# language (including C# in Razor markup)
  • Templates can be expanded by Tab key just like ReSharper live templates
  • You can use ReSharper 8 double completion feature to list and invoke all the templates are not normally available in current context
  • ReSharper 9.0 code completion filters can filter items introduced by postfix templates
  • Options page allows to enable/disable specific templates and control braces insertion: options
  • You may also try out similar postfix completion feature in IntelliJ IDEA 14 (later supported in WebStorm 9 and PHPStorm 9)


Feel free to post any issues or feature requests in YouTrack (use "PostfixCompletion" subsystem).