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This is a module called theme_utils that makes it easy to work with themes, as well as making it easy to style UI components with these themes.

The module

The module consists of two main parts, but they're in the same namespace.

  1. Utilities for getting attributes of the current user theme. These include ready-made functions for accessing the most useful and common attribute of the theme, as well as lower-level functions like load_theme that can help with more specific use cases (like getting the colors of the code syntax). These include:
    • load_theme- return a Python dict representing the current theme
    • get_theme_name - return the name of the current theme
    • get_tint - return the tint color of the current theme
    • get_color_scheme - return a color scheme to go with the current theme. This consists of four colors, the editor background color, the library background color, the top bar's color, and the color of the backgrounder tabs. These are sorted by "intensity," which is dark to light for "dark themes" and light to dark for "light themes"
    • theme_is_light and theme_is_dark- is the theme a light theme, or a dark theme. Judged by averaging intensities of the 4 main colors, from get_color_schemes
  2. Utilities for styling uis to match the current theme. -style_ui(view), and view (and its children) will be styled to match the current theme.


Solarized Light: Tomorrow Night:

Running the script as-is will output some useful information about the current theme:

Custom themes

All of these functions work flawlessly with custom themes, built with @omz's Pythonista Theme Editor.

Pacific Dark:

This will likely be merged into Pythonista-Tweaks as part of the theme functionality, but that will be after there is much more control over these things.


A library for working with themes in Pythonista




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