Builds on Pythonista's UI module to provide extra functionality
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Builds on Pythonista's UI module to provide extra functionality


Some of the most notable features of ui2 are as follows:

  • Transitioning between views
  • Progress bars, which can take any shape representable with a ui.Path, including lines, circles, and rectangles
  • An entirely new system for delays. This introduces a new system for tracking delays with IDs, and allows for multiple "delay managers" to make things less global.
  • Classes for controlling animation, which include support for different easings, and chaining several animations to run on sequence.
  • Functions for scaling and stretching ui.Path objects, as well as a convenience ui2.PathView class which displays a path auch that as the PathView changes size, it intelligently stretches its path to match.

ui2 includes a script which makes it easy to view and run examples for each major feature of the module.

Lastly, ui2 is expanding fast! Check back frequently for new features.

Design goals

ui2 aims to make it as easy as possible to swap out ui for ui2 and begin adding features. It follows that one of the aims of ui2 is to maintain compatibility with ui, so that switching to ui2 won't break your existing code.