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A web-based GTFS editing framework. **This project is DEPRECATED, see conveyal/datatools-ui for current version.**
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app calculate times using straight lines relative to previous stops. fixes Feb 4, 2016
init Upstart script. Nov 19, 2014
public fix #247 (trips not cleared when changing from timetable to frequency). Feb 3, 2016
scripts Add a script to load many feeds at once to the editor. Nov 19, 2014
test find and merge duplicate stops. Mar 2, 2015
.gitignore finish up migration. Mar 3, 2015 Small typo (indent to see as code) May 4, 2015
export-database.sql Basic migration support. Mar 3, 2015


A web-based GTFS editing framework.


Play Framework 1.2.x (does not work with Play 2.x)
Postgresql 9.1+ 
PostGIS 1.5+


Follow the instructions here for information on installation.

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