A Chef cookbook for sphinx (Initial Upstream: engineyard, Repository: ey-cloud-recipes)
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This recipe is for configuring and deploying sphinx on AppCloud. This is for Rails 3.


If you're using the ultrasphinx flavor in this recipe, you'll need to make sure you install the chronic gem in your environment (this is not handled by the recipe).

As previously mentioned, your application needs to have the appropriate gem/plugin installed already.

For thinking_sphinx add the following to your gemfile:

gem 'thinking-sphinx', '2.0.3'

For ultrasphinx:

script/plugin install git://github.com/fauna/ultrasphinx.git

Also note that searchd won't actually start unless you've already specified indexes in your application.

Using it

Edit the recipe, changing the appropriate fields as annotated in recipes/default.rb. Namely:

1. Add your application name.
2. Uncomment the flavor you want to use (thinking_sphinx or ultrasphinx).
3. Set the cron_interval to specify how frequently you want to reindex. If do not give an index, your data will NOT be indexed.

4. Add the following to before_migrate.rb [deploy hooks](http://docs.engineyard.com/appcloud/howtos/deployment/use-deploy-hooks-with-engine-yard-appcloud):

run "ln -nfs #{shared_path}/config/sphinx #{release_path}/config/sphinx"
run "ln -nfs #{shared_path}/config/sphinx.yml #{release_path}/config/sphinx.yml"

By default, the recipe will install and run sphinx on all app instances. If you want to use a dedicated utility instance, just set the "utility_name" variable to the name of your utility instance. By default this is set to nil.


If you have multiple app slaves or are installing to a dedicated utility instance, the it's likely that the recipe run will fail on those instances the very first run because the database migrations will not have run yet on your application master. If this occurs, simply deploy again and the recipe should succeed the second time around. This should only occur going forward if you set new indexes on fields that are in migrations that have to be run.


This recipe is provided as is, if you have any problems with it please open an issue or send a pull request with your fix.

Additional Resources

You can get additional information on sphinx configuration and setup here:

Other examples: [1]: https://github.com/bratta/ey-cloud-recipes/tree/master/cookbooks/sphinx [2]: https://github.com/damm/ey-cloud-recipes/tree/sphinx_test/cookbooks/sphinx [3]: https://github.com/damm/ey-tsphinx2