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Transformation of kinect range data into metric 3d space points, using CUDA, packaged as openFrameworks addon
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Transformation of kinect range data into metric 3d space points, using CPU / GPU (CUDA), packaged as openFrameworks addon

Used as a part of a shape reconstruction project:

Example demo

ofxRangeToWorldCUDA_example visualizes a mesh created from 3d points. Control keys:

  • "n": switch between kinect's color camera and normals map for the mesh texture
  • up and down arrow keys: set mesh resolution

Build instructions (for the example app)

All underlying libraries and frameworks are cross-platform (Openframeworks, libfreenect, CUDA SDK), so the project is supposed to be cross-platform. But for now, only makefile for linux is maintained, and it is tested only on Ubuntu 12.04. Requirements:

  • Openframewokls 0071 with dependencies installed
  • CUDA 4.1 setup: SDK, toolkit, dev driver; nvcc is supposed to be in $PATH; path to SDK and toolkit should be specified in config.make
  • libusb-dev intalled
  • addons from ./all_addons directory pasted into OF_ROOT/addons (2do: should properly fork modified addons and add them as submodules)
  • OF_ROOT set to Openframeworks path on config.make
  • launch as root user, or use instructions on how to run OpenKinect without root privilegies (
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