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NetHack ported to the Web by Lu Wang

Play on Kongregate

Play on GitHub


Screenshot Screenshot2 Screenshot3

Most porting stuffs go to win/web/* and web/*.

To build the project, read and modify according to your environment, install dependencies, and use some good luck.

Only minimum features are supported while I'm rushing to make it work, but more features are coming. Search for TODO in win/web/* and web/*.

Need help for game testing, implementing more features and designing the interface.


How to use number pad for movements?

Press O and set number_pad to 1. Make sure that NumLock is on. You can make this permanent by setting it in options (the cog icon in the top-right corner), then reload the game.

How to apply my tileset?

Run this in your browser console: nethack.apply_tilset(tile_file_url, tile_width, tile_height);

Where is my favorite ASCII interface?

As a player of SuperZZT, yeah, I agree that ASCII is definitely important. But it might worth a separate port. Even if the characters are implemented as a special type of tilesets, you may not get the smooth input experience.

Checkout (aka NAO) where you can play the ASCII version online.

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