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The source code behind the most amazing MinhoCovid19 website.

This is a Next.js project built and deployed on Netlify.


  • Node 12
  • yarn
  • asdf (optional, but recommended)


To get started run bin/setup. This script sets up the node environment with asdf and install all dependencies.

Before starting your adventure, you need an API key for Airtable. You can get those from our Keybase or a Cooperativa developer. Add that variable to the .env file. That file is not checked by git and is created during the bin/setup script.

The environment variables are loaded in our bin/scripts. You can use something like direnv for that but it's not needed. Our scripts handle loading the .env file always.

After that, just run bin/server and go for it!

A friendly reminder that we have eslint and stylelint set up for linting and styling both Javascript and CSS code respectively. Please, be respectful of them :)


All of our text is present on the file based CMS (powered by Forestry). All of the files are in the cms directory. Access them as you would access regular files from any Javascript based app.

For now, every piece of content (text, descriptions, meta stuff) is there, so non technical people can edit it as they see fit.


We don't have testing for this website, but we run static analysis on our code, as we mentioned already. Just do it with bin/lint.

The linters are also ran by our Github Action.


The website is built deployed by Netlify. If you want to replicate a production environment on your local machine just run bin/build and serve the out directory with your favorite local webserver. We recommend installing serve globally with yarn and using serve out to run a local server.


Feel free to contribute however you please. Be respectful and always remind our main motto:

Want? Do it 😎

If you need an Airtable API key reach out to us.