PHP bindings for Barrister RPC
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Download from GitHub:

curl -o barrister.php

To write a client:

    $barrister = new Barrister();
    $client = $barrister->httpClient("");

To expose a service:

    // substitute your interface .json file here
    // use the 'barrister' command line tool to produce the json file
    // from your IDL
    $server = new BarristerServer("calc.json");
    // bind your implementation classes to interface names
    $server->addHandler("Calculator", new Calculator());
    // will parse the raw POST data, invoke the correct
    // handler function, and send the result as JSON


This library was developed using PHP 5.3.8 (MacOS) and tested on PHP 5.2.4 (Linux). It uses the json_decode and json_encode functions added in PHP 5.2.

The client code uses the PHP curl functions. Run: php -m | grep curl from the command line to conform that your PHP install has curl availble. Alternately you can run: phpinfo() from a script.

If you are using a version of PHP older than 5.2, please download a JSON library that provides json_decode and json_encode functions. Facebook put the PEAR JSON library on github here:

More information