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gagle commented Nov 7, 2012


I'd like to log my own custom errors. Also, I don't want to log every second the message "availableObjects.length=x". Can you inherite the pool from EventEmitter and just emit events so we can catch them and do whatever we want? It's a very easy modification. Just replace this line when you export the module:

var me = {},

By this:

var Pool = function (){ (this);
Pool.prototype = Object.create (events.EventEmitter.prototype);
Pool.prototype.constructor = Pool;
var me = new Pool (),

You must add the events module:

var events = require ("events");

Then, instead of calling the log function you can throw an event with the data. For example, the createResource function:

me.emit ("create-resource", count, factory.min, factory.max);

And to catch it from outside your library:

pool.on ("create-resource", function (count, min, max){

sandfox commented Jun 20, 2014

Very down with this idea in general. Have a couple of questions though.
Would we continue to also support log at the same time?
For error events, should we only emit if we have a listener? (if we emit regardless and there is no listener then we will blow things up for the user).

I can see this either being a something to bump the major version for (so we can go crazy and change behaviour) or being conservative changes and just a minor version bump.


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sandfox commented Nov 26, 2016

Going to close for now until a more concrete proposal or impl comes along.

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