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Create dialogs, characters and scenes to display conversations in your Godot games.

Changelog — Installation — Documentation — Credits

Version 1.4.4 - Afterlife Godot v3.4 Godot v3.5


We are working on the new 2.0 version.

  • If you are interested in contributing feel free to visit that branch.
  • Only bug fixes are going to be merged to this branch
  • Thanks and hope to see you soon! :)


Getting started

You can read a step by step guide on how to use Dialogic here

📚 Documentation

You can check the documentation from inside the plugin or here


To install a Dialogic, download it as a ZIP archive. All releases are listed here: releases. Then extract the ZIP archive and move the addons/ folder it contains into your project folder. Then, enable the plugin in project settings.

If you want to know more about installing plugins you can read the Godot docs page.

You can also install Dialogic using the AssetLib tab in the editor, but the version here will not be the latest one available since it takes some time for it to be approved.


There has been some people having issues exporting their games. If you are having issues you can try to add *.cgh and *.json to your export settings (image). If it is not that, try having at least 1 theme in your project. If you still have issues, please open an issue.

📃 Credits

Made by Emilio Coppola.

Contributors: Jowan-Spooner, zaknafean, Arnaud, ellogwen, Tim Krief, and more!. Special thanks: Toen, Òscar, Francisco Presencia. Placeholder images are from Toen's YouTube DF series

Thank you to all my Patreons for making this possible!

Mike King, Allyson Ota, Gemma M. Rull, newyear Studios, Joe Constant, kycho , Luke Peters, Wapiti ., Garrett Guillotte, Karl Anderson, Alex (Well Done Games), GodofGrunts , Tim Krief, Daniel Cheney, Carlo Cabanilla, Flaming Potato, Joseph Catrambone, AzulCrescent , Hector Na Em, BasicIncomePlz, p sis, Sukh Atwal, Patrick Hogan, Jesse Priest, Ceah Sharp, Mark Charnock, soliare, Anthony Wilson, KvaGram , Steven Shearer, Carter Lilley, CorbineCaleb, Thick Biscuit, Rodemarck Júnior, Jim Hewell, White Vulture, Brianna Allen, teesloane, RagingRoosevelt, Jacquelinett

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MIT License