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command line tool for inotify
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Command line tool for inotify



See "react --help"

Hello World /tmp -p '*.txt' 'echo $f'

This is a simple test. Execute the above command and create and modify directories and files in /tmp. For every file ending with .txt its full path is printed on the console every time this file is created or changed.

Executing test suites ../ -p '*.hs' ./runTests

The main motivation of this tool was to be able to trigger the execution of a test suite each time a source file of the project is modified. This speeds up my vim-based software development a lot.

Setting file ACL entries /srv/www/team 'setfacl -m g:team:rwx $f'

A major disadvantage of default file ACLs is that it only reacts on newly created files. If you move a file into a directory with a default ACL entry, this file's ACL entries are not updated. In practice this means that sooner or later every default-ACL-based control management will break. With react you can circumvent this problem.


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