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CoralNet is a website which serves as a repository and resource for benthic image analysis.

Website home:

Read more about us:

CoralNet's machine-learning processes are powered by PySpacer:

Building and viewing the documentation

You can browse the docs right in the GitHub repo under /docs, but GitHub doesn't support some of the ReStructured Text links. The build will get everything working:

  • Download or git clone this repository's code.
  • Install Python and Sphinx. You can do this by either following the installation steps (docs/installation.rst in this repo) until Sphinx is installed, or you can use some other Python environment which already has Sphinx installed.
  • Open a terminal/command line, cd to the docs directory, and run make html. (This command is cross platform, since there's a Makefile as well as a make.bat.)
  • Open docs/_build/html/index.html in a web browser to start browsing the documentation.
  • It's also possible to output in formats other than HTML, if you use make <format> with a different format. See Sphinx's docs.