YANG model-driven swagger/openapi transform
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YANG model-driven swagger/openapi transform

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$ npm install -g yang-swagger

The preferred installation is global for easy access to the yang-swagger utility but can also be used as a dependency module to help generate swagger/openapi specification as part of your project.

NOTE: Currently, Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 Specification does NOT support JSON-schema an yOf and oneOf directives, which means that we cannot properly treat YANG choice/case statements during conversion. As a work-around, the current transform will simply serialize all configuration nodes from the choice/case sections into a flat list of properties.

Quick Start

$ yang-swagger -f yaml -o swagger.yaml yang-openapi

The above example will import the yang-openapi YANG module and transform into swagger specification YAML file.

  Usage: yang-swagger [options] modules...

      -c, --config <filename>  Use <filename> to retrieve configuration data (default: uses 'config' directory)
      -f, --format <string>    Convert to YAML or JSON (default: json)
      -o, --output <filename>  Write to <filename> if specified, otherwise to console

Using the --config option will allow you to specify where to find the configuration data for the yang-openapi YANG module. By default, it will check the config directory but you can specify any arbitrary file location for specifying the yang-openapi:info configuration data.

You can also use it as a library module:

swag = require("yang-swagger").eval {
    title: "my-api"
	description: "describe purpose"
	version: "1.0"
	  name: "your name"
	  url: "http://some/website"
	  email: "your email"
	  name: "Apache-2.0"
  .invoke modules: [ 'yang-openapi' ]
  .then (output) ->
    console.log "do something with <output.spec>"

For more information on programmatic usage, be sure to take a look at the References listed below.



Apache 2.0

This software is brought to you by Corenova Technologies. We'd love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to reach me at peter@corenova.com anytime with questions, suggestions, etc.