@mjg59 mjg59 released this Jul 27, 2016 · 130 commits to master since this release

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  • It is no longer necessary to be a member of the wheel group in order to be able to run the su command.
    • If this behaviour is desired, copy the /lib/pam.d/su file to /etc/pam.d/su and edit it to add auth required pam_wheel.so use_uid directly under auth sufficient pam_rootok.so.
  • Enable ioctl() and getattr() on pipefs permissions

Bug Fixes:

  • Add missing line wrap in etcd-wrapper
  • Use the MAC address as the DHCP client ID if the machine is diskless (#1432)
  • If coreos.autologin is used, don't check password when entering the emergency shell (#1433)
  • Decode Azure userdata for cloud-init properly (#1463)
  • Fix colors in PS1 prompt (#1464)
  • Allow NSS lookups to succeed if SSSD isn't running (#1466)
  • Prune shells that are not installed from /etc/shells (#1474)


  • Add support for the following in the kernel
    • 3ware 7xxx/8xxx series hardware raid
    • National Semiconductor DP8381x series PCI Ethernet
    • via-rhine network support