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Additional Scrape Configuration

AdditionalScrapeConfigs allows specifying a key of a Secret containing additional Prometheus scrape configurations. Scrape configurations specified are appended to the configurations generated by the Prometheus Operator.

Job configurations specified must have the form as specified in the official Prometheus documentation. As scrape configs are appended, the user is responsible to make sure it is valid. Note that using this feature may expose the possibility to break upgrades of Prometheus.

It is advised to review Prometheus release notes to ensure that no incompatible scrape configs are going to break Prometheus after the upgrade.

Creating an additional configuration

First, you will need to create the additional configuration. Below we are making a simple "prometheus" config. Name this prometheus-additional.yaml or something similar.

- job_name: "prometheus"
  - targets: ["localhost:9090"]

Then you will need to make a secret out of this configuration.

kubectl create secret generic additional-scrape-configs --from-file=prometheus-additional.yaml --dry-run -oyaml > additional-scrape-configs.yaml

Next, create a new secret using the base64 encoded output as the value for prometheus-additional.yaml in the secret.

apiVersion: v1
  prometheus-additional.yaml: LSBqb2JfbmFtZTogInByb21ldGhldXMiCiAgc3RhdGljX2NvbmZpZ3M6CiAgLSB0YXJnZXRzOiBbImxvY2FsaG9zdDo5MDkwIl0K
kind: Secret
  creationTimestamp: null
  name: additional-scrape-configs

Finally, reference this additional configuration in your prometheus.yaml CRD.

kind: Prometheus
  name: prometheus
    prometheus: prometheus
  replicas: 2
  serviceAccountName: prometheus
      team: frontend
    name: additional-scrape-configs
    key: prometheus-additional.yaml

NOTE: Use only one secret for ALL additional scrape configurations.

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