A tool for managing authorized ssh keys
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Build Status minimum rust 1.26

update-ssh-keys is a command line tool and a library for managing openssh authorized public keys. It keeps track of sets of keys with names, allows for adding additional keys, as well as deleting and disabling them. For usage information, see update-ssh-keys -h or run cargo doc to read the documentation on the library api.

The update-ssh-keys command line tool is included in Container Linux, so there should be no reason to install it. If you would like to use this on a non-Container Linux machine, you can build the project with cargo build --release. The rust toolchain is required to build it. You can install rustup to manage your rust toolchain - https://www.rustup.rs.

test/test_update_ssh_keys.py is a python script which tests the functionality of the update-ssh-keys command line tool. If changes are made to update-ssh-keys, that script should be run.